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If you have had the chance to work with a gifted designer of window treatments then you know just how much this professional can help. They are able to help you achieve just the look that you want. There is so much more to beautifying your windows and interior space than simply putting up curtains or blinds. Window treatments are just what the name implies; a way to create a look for your windows that is the perfect match for your décor.

Designer of Window Treatments

Most people are not able to really imagine all the possibilities that a window offers. They know when they like something that they see. However, to try to create a design or motif for a room through the window dressing is just more than can be expected. Working with a person that is a window treatment specialist allows you to have that option to get ideas for window coverings, colors, fabrics or other options.

Besides having that ability to envision what your room could look like with different window options, the designer will also be able to create the window treatment. This requires the skills of an expert seamstress that is able to not only get an inspiration for your windows but to be able to create the look for you.

Hire A Professional

There are many different companies and individuals to consider when you are looking for someone that can provide assistance in creating the window dressing that you want. It is important to choose a master seamstress and not just a name out of a phone book.

A true professional in the field will have years of experience, a list of references and a collection of their completed projects for you to review. You should also ask what interior designers he or she has worked with in the past.

Find Someone You Enjoy Working With

Talking to a designer of window treatments that has the skills needed to complete your project is an important first step. When you are selecting a seamstress for hire you need to find someone that you can relate to and that listens to your requests. You don't want someone that will simply do what they want. After all it is your home or office space and you want it to look the way that you like, not what is best for someone else.

Choosing the right designer of window treatments does take a bit of research. Once you find that match you will be amazed at how much the right window treatment will add to your décor and make your space a great place to live or work. Please click on a link to the right to become a potential client or register for a wholesale account if you are an interior designer.

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"The draperies that Sally designed and installed in our living room and dining room are timeless and elegant, and she helped make the whole process fun and carefree."
- Z. Elrod, Nashville, TN

"Sally created the perfect curtain for our front door. We wanted something that would give us some privacy but allow light in. The hour-glass shape is so flattering from the outside and also the inside. Sally is so easy to work with and her work is outstanding. I can't wait for Bellagio's to start our next project."
- R. Mitchell, Franklin, TN

"Sally was attentive to my needs and easy to work with - the window treatments were quickly completed and installed and the final work product was very professionally done and exceeded my expectations."
- R. Jones, Murfreesboro, TN

"Sally helped me design and create the perfect window treatments, incorporating all the fabrics I had in my bedroom. The draperies were very well made and the bedding was gorgeous. She was a delight to work with and I hope to use her again soon."
- T. Rodgers, Murfreesboro, TN