Finding Inspiration
For Curtain Ideas

Finding inspiration to create new and unique curtain ideas is one of the challenges that a window treatment specialist faces on a daily basis. However, as a master seamstress, inspiration and design is all part of the daily job. Knowing where to look for ideas starts by knowing about interior design and colour combinations.

Curtain Ideas

It is important to find a seamstress for hire with lots of experience, many satisfied customers, and a gallery of samples/examples that you find appealing. After all, you don't just want great curtain ideas, you want window coverings that are functional as well as eye-catching. You may also want window coverings that blend into the decor rather than stand out.

Often the choice of fabric and the weight and type of fabric is a jumping off spot for ideas. An expert seamstress will be able to determine what fabrics, colours and patterns go together. This will create a memorable combination for your window and for your home.

Room Decor

The room decor will definitely be a place to take inspiration and ideas from. The curtains or window treatments need to be complimentary and not upstage the room. This doesn't mean that they cannot also be in the theme or idea of the room. What you do not want to see is a mismatch between the furniture, curtains and the overall decor.

Modern themed furniture and styles should inspire modern styles of curtains. This may include a combination of blinds and smaller shorter curtains. Classic or traditional furniture may be a better match for longer, flowing curtains.

Focus Pieces

A central piece of art such as a painting, a sculpture or even an area rug may be an inspiration for the curtains. The fabric, colours and even style of the curtains can reflect that central focus piece.

This type of inspiration for the curtain or window treatment can be subtle or dramatic, but it definitely will help to make that art piece come into focus as you look around the room.

Outdoor Scenery

Inspiration may also come from what the window is looking out over. If it is facing out to a beautifully landscaped garden then the curtains could include lighter, airier fabrics with subdued or vibrant floral patterns. A window looking out over a busy city street could be all done in black and white, providing a dramatic frame for the ever changing urban scene.

Knowing where to look for the best curtain ideas takes years of experience. The great news is that a professional that has this skill will make sure your window treatment is perfect and unique to your room and your living space. Let me give you an estimate on custom curtain ideas for your home or office - click on the estimate request link to the right.

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