Designer Pillows

Designer pillows are one of those often overlooked little additions to a room that can really bring it all together. You can choose pillows that are small for a burst of color and design. You can also select one really large pillow that is comfortable and cozy looking.

Designer Pillows

Having just the right combinations of colors, fabrics and textures can really make a difference with your accent pillows. One way to ensure you get the right match is to use an expert seamstress that can customize the pillows. It is also important to coordinate your pillow choices with the fabrics and styles that will be used by your window treatment specialist.

With pillows that coordinate both with your window coverings in colors, styles and themes you will be amazed at how together your room will look. Since your master seamstress can assist with both design options and fabric selection, you have the ability to create something that is entirely original in your room design.

Ideas For Pillows

One really unique option for adding accent pillows to a room is to consider thinking outside the traditional pillow. Interesting shapes including triangles, circles and even torpedo shaped pillows are terrific for along the arms of a large couch or a comfy chair.

Large square and rectangular pillows are ideal for along the back of a couch or chair. These pillows can be very soft and shape to the body or they can be firmer and give a bit more support.

It is important to choose a shape and size that is going to compliment the piece of furniture. After all you don't want a giant pillow that takes up the entire seat. You also don't want a tiny pillow on a large couch. This will take away from your overall design.

Tassels, ribbons, piping and edging of the pillow can also be used to make it look like part of your room. Choosing a professional seamstress for hire that has an eye for interior decorating and design will allow you to decide if these options are right for your room.


The colors that you select for pillows on your furniture will set the tone for the room. Your pillows should match with your room décor, window treatments and the color and pattern of your furniture and rugs. You can choose complimentary colors and patterns for a unique look.

Pillows can highlight a subtle color in the pattern of your drapes, blinds, carpet or furniture. Adding that little extra touch of the same color with the pillow will bring the color out more in the room. You can choose pillows that compliment that color as well. They will definitely blend right in to the room. This is a great way to add casual elegance to any room.

Avoid using a lot of extremely bright or highly patterned pillows that will take over the room. You want the pillows to be an accent and not the entire focus. Take a few steps back and look at the overall effect once the pillows are in place.

Making The Selection

When you are choosing your designer pillows it is important to think about what they are for. Are they just for decoration or will they be used? This can make all the difference in the type of fabric and even the shape and type of pillow.

Designer pillows are a great addition to any room. They are easy to use, fun to have around and also a great practical decorating item. Contact us for an estimate on crafting custom designer pillows for your decor. Just click the request for an estimate link to the right. If you are an interior designer, inquire about opening up a wholesale account with us.

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