Kitchen Window Coverings
For Color And Style

Kitchen window coverings can be both functional as well as beautiful. Too often people assume that they have to be either one or the other. Since the kitchen is the heart of most homes, having a window treatment specialist create the perfect look for your windows is a must.

Kitchen Window Coverings

Kitchen windows tend to be located in fairly standard locations in most kitchens. Usually there is a window over the sink area, which is typically one of the larger windows in the room. Depending on the style and shape of the room there may also be a window on the wall in the actual eating area. In many homes this may include a patio door for easy access to the garden.

Choosing curtains, blinds and window coverings that accent your decor will add to the beauty of the room. It will also help you in controlling sunlight into the room and also helping to provide privacy if necessary.

Color Considerations

Kitchen colors tend to be earthy tones and colors that are vibrant and bright. This is particularly true in modern styles of kitchens that may use white on the walls or bright colors combined with lighter wood or painted kitchen cabinets and counters.

If white is the major color in the kitchen your curtains and window coverings are natural way to add a dash of color. Bright and airy colors such as yellows, blues and bright oranges and greens will add to the cheery feeling in the room.

Large or small floral patterns can be used to highlight specific colors that may be found throughout the kitchen. If you have a particular favourite color or type of flower they can also be selected as the floral pattern and design.


Geometric patterns are also a great option for a kitchen window covering. Since there is often little fabric or upholstery in a kitchen this is a great place to really show your love for the unique. You can choose irregular patterns and combinations that are just appealing to your individual taste. Coordinated colors with your artwork in the area and you have a winning combination.

Patterns can also be combined in kitchen window coverings. A lovely combination is a gingham pattern combined with stripes or even a chintz type of look. This can be accentuated with a natural bamboo type of roll up blind for a cozy yet stylish look.

There are a lot of different kitchen window coverings that a master seamstress can offer. Work with an expert seamstress that puts forward ideas that you like and listens to you regarding the look you want to achieve. To get a quote from a master seamstress on window coverings for your kitchen click on the estimate request link to the right. If you are an interior designer, sign up for a wholesale account.

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